Mangosteens are a delicious treat often referred to as the “Queen of Fruit.” They’re about the size of a tangerine, and they have a thick purple shell which contains the soft, white edible fruit inside


    Mangosteen is a must-eat fruit in Thailand! The flavor is a combination of strawberry, peach and vanilla ice cream. The white flesh is very sweet with a very slight tartness. Note. The tartness is caused by the thick skin that tightly encases the fruit. Mangosteen is known in Thailand as the ‘queen of fruits’ due to its extensive health benefits.

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    1.Choose mangosteens with a glossy sheen    
    2.Remove the top leaves and stem from the top of the fruit                                            
    3.Press in on the top of the fruit             
    4.Squeeze on the sides until the purple shell cracks.                                                         
    5.Make a shallow, horizontal cut around the shell if it's tough.                                          
    6.Eat the white flesh inside of the fruit. Either pick it out with your hands or use a small fork. The fruit should be opaque white, firm, and not translucent or yellowish. Large segments of mangosteen fruit usually contain a seed, so watch out for these while you’re eating. Smaller segments are usually seedless


    Mangosteen is availble between Apr/May - September


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