About us

S.F.M. International Trading Co., Ltd

consists of a group of professional with great experience in Logistics, indoor farming and Post harvest of fresh produce.

Our goal is to make our customer to be able to reach Thai fresh fruits and vegetable by offering great quality and service at a fair price. We take great pride in our effort and our ability to deliver Thai produce to the world.

Thai restaurant becomes very popular in many places in the world. Its tastes are different in each place depending on accessible of Thai produce as raw material. We understand how difficult to find original Thai produce oversea.


Our people

Being part of our people are considering as our family. We allow our people to access safety equipment and facilities. We focus on our own people as our priority in order to create safety and healthy products to the world.


Our values

A set of values that we live every day is F-R-E-S-H
F – FRESH – We serve all fresh products to our customers.
R – REASONABLE – All fresh products are served with reasonable price.
E – EFFICIENT – We export our fresh products with an efficient transportation and logistics.
S – STANDARD – Our fresh products come with high standard quality.
H – HEART – All process from farm to your hand are made with our heart.


Quality commitment

To reach worldwide standard we have to share our growers, farmer and our employees a commitment to quality standard as our minimum practice.