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Bai Yor

Bai Yor



    Bai Yor is useful as a food. If you call it a vegetable, it is a perennial vegetable that is large to medium-sized, about 3–8 meters tall. Must use the method of climbing the top of the leaves, where the saplings will give their leaves as food all year round. The Noni fruit will be released during the winter. Young noni leaves are boiled or boiled as vegetables and dipped in chili paste. Cook red curry, a curry with pork, fish, and chicken. The most popular is the bottom of the wrap or banana leaf Krathong wrapped in fish, Hom Mok pork, Hom Mok chicken, Hmong fruit, or green fruit. Isan people bring papaya salad instead of papaya salad. Many delicious? Ask people from the northeast or those who know who used to pound noni-papaya salad together.

  • USES

    Fresh leaves are used to boil drinking water. Or bring it to dry ground and brew it as a tea to drink. Helps cure waste. Treat tuberculosis, diarrhea, fever, and cough; expect oranges, heartburn, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessel disease; cure gout, and help reduce nausea and dizziness during menstruation.


    Bai Yors are available year-round, with a peak season in the summer and fall months.

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