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Boiled Cassia Leaves

Boiled Cassia Leaves



    Boiled cassia leaves are a vegetable and herb that can be easily found in the market. In addition to being used to make food to eat In the textbooks of Thai traditional medicine, there are also many uses of the cassia tree, such as to cure constipation, to nourish blood, to nourish bile, to improve appetite. Helps get rid of dandruff Clean hair, makes me moisturized, shiny, etc., and in addition, Cassia also contains a substance, "Barrachon" (Baracol) that has a sedative effect. And has the effect of being a mild sedative to make you sleep well? But it's not that it will work, as many people understand. Because in the cooking process, to be safe, the water must be boiled first.

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    Boiled cassia leaves are used as food in many countries such as Thailand, Burma, India, and Malaysia, etc. In Thai traditional medicine textbooks have recorded the benefits of cassia in many areas, such as being used to relieve constipation. Used to cure insomnia used to clean hair. Makes hair moist, shiny, no dandruff, helps appetite, nourishes bile and nourishes blood, etc. In addition, it is also popularly used for cooking, such as curry, cassia, a young leaf. Which is a tree that grows well in every region of Thailand. In addition to eating in the household It is also popular to treat guests at various festivals such as ordination, weddings, funerals with a bitter taste of cassia. Before cooking, the water must be boiled and discarded first to help reduce toxic substances. and make it taste better when cooked


    Boiled cassia leaves are available year-round.

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