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Cassia Leaves

Cassia Leaves



    Cassia leaves are a tree native to Asia. Cassia leaves was considered one of the most important herbs. Cassia leaves were also mentioned as spice in an ancient, Roman cookbook. It is a popular ornamental plant and is also used in herbal medicine. It is both the national tree and national flower of Thailand. It is the state flower of Kerala in India. It is the provincial flower of North Central Province in Sri Lanka.


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    To make cassia not bitter, bring to boil water 2-3 times before cooking. or use Isan techniques That is, put the buckwheat ball (Ma Waeng Ton) into the boil as well, it will help reduce the bitterness. Popularly planted for shade. ♦ Young shoots and inflorescences can be eaten all year round. There are many at the end of the rainy season Boiled, dipped in chili paste or made into various curries such as Cassia curry with grilled fish. Cassia Lek Curry with Southern Thai Yanang Curry Leaves Northern curry ♦ The buds and young leaves are bitter. Has mild laxative properties. ♦ Ancient people used cassia leaves to ripen mangoes. ♦ Cassia roots help fix nitrogen, making the soil more fertile.



    Cassia leaves are available year-round.


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