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Chinese Chive Flower

Chinese Chive Flower



    Chinese chives flower (Dok-Kui-Chai) is a biennial plant. In the same circle as the onion There is a rhizome underground. The rhizome is small, and clumping; looks round, the stem is wrapped. The surrounding leaf sheaths are green; the leaves are single, arranged alternately; the leaves look like garlic leaves. Long flat leaves with parallel edges The base of the leaves is covered with interlacing interlaces. At the base of the stem, it is green with a spicy taste. Strong odor bouquet looks like an umbrella round and then bloom There are small flowers on the stem. The flower stalks are long, round, and stumpy. The petals are white, fragrant; the stem is green. Has a sweet, crispy taste to cook? There are many different menus. Thailand has many varieties planted.

  • USES

    Help nourish milk Helps to treat gonorrhea, helps to nourish sex, helps to nourish the kidneys; helps to treat hives, helps maintain bones helps prevent cancer Helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Help prevent diabetes Help treat diabetes Help cure tuberculosis, cure colds, help cure otitis media. Helps to cure nosebleeds, cure vomiting, cure diarrhea, cure flatulence, cure indigestion, help drive parasites, help heal hemorrhoids, cure gallstones, help cure urinary congestion, help disinfect, cure poisonous insect bites. Helps heal purulent wounds Helps heal black and green bruises, relieve pain, heal inflamed wounds, help build red blood cells Helps reduce intestinal inflammation Helps prevent colon cancer.


    Chinese chives flower is available year-round.

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