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Green Muskmelon

Green Muskmelon



    Green muskmelon is used as a fresh vegetable as well as cucumbers. It is commonly eaten fresh as a dipping vegetable. It tastes like cucumber but has a firmer texture (less water). It is also used in salads, and curries, as well as cucumbers. including being able to pickle as a pickled melon as well, preferably pickled to have a sweet and slightly salty taste rather than pickled sour.

  • USES

    Ripe green muskmelon is eaten in desserts or eaten as a fruit by blending melons into a drink. Thai melon is blended or mixed with coconut milk. Besides making sweets, Ripe melons can also be eaten directly like watermelons, but they are not as popular as watermelons because they are not as sweet. It is not as popular as melon (cantaloupe) because the taste is not as sweet and the meat is more messy. As usual, we usually eat melons cooked with coconut milk and called Thai melons. Or eat it with white sugar. It's delicious, but no matter how you eat it, melon has outstanding properties to treat diseases such as coughing from tuberculosis, constipation, and urinary tract infections, thus helping to alleviate such symptoms and diseases and have the opportunity to eventually recover. The smell and taste of fresh Thai melon are also suitable for making Thai melon juice because it is easy to make, has a good smell and taste, a beautiful color, and high nutritional value. Because it is very high in vitamin A, it also contains a lot of vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, etc.


    Green muskmelon produces a good yield during July to September. Thai melons can be planted in all regions of Thailand.

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