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SKU: SFM-F-Guava

Guavas - The fruit is roughly spherical with a furrowed smooth surface. The most alluring element of a Guava is its fragrance, a bouquet of bright tropical aromatics. The flesh is unique to many fruits, its texture a combination of a firm banana with the succulence of an apple. Tiny edible seeds pattern the flesh's core. The flavor of Guava is a reflection of its aromatics, though more subtle with notes of pineapple, papaya, banana and lemon.


    Guavas variety for export from Thailand is Kimju and Pan Si Thong. Wrap with foam net to protect its skin and might wrap again by plastic shrink film. It can also pack on tray for 500g or 1000g depends on the size of Guavas.

  • USES

    Although Guava is a fruit, its culinary uses are nearly unlimited. Guava can be eaten whole for simple fresh eaten. They may be used for applications both sweet and savory, fresh, cooked, hot and cold.


    Guava can be produced nearly all year round.

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