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Long Kong

Long Kong

SKU: SFM-F-Long-Kong

Originating in SE Asia, this sweet and juicy fruit is a little like passion fruit in texture, and is recognizable from its pale yellowy-brown skin and smokey white flesh.


    "Criteria for identifying properly mature (ripe) fruits :
    - fruit skin bears uniform yellow colour, no green colour blending ;
    - fruit at the distal end of the bunch is slightly yielding to the touch ;
    - content of total soluble solids is not less than 15 % Brix.                 
    Benefits : Source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 & C, Iron, Phosphorous, Calcium, carbohydrate, protein and fibre."

  • USES

    Peel ,Don’t eat Seed. 


    Long Kong is availble between July – September/ October.

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