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Neem Plant (Dok Sa-dao)

Neem Plant (Dok Sa-dao)



    Local herbs and vegetables, such as neem (dok sa-dao), are available. It is a large, protruding plant with a bouquet of flowers on a long peduncle. The small flowers on the stem stand out at the tip of the branch. It is spherical, small the petals are five and off-white, with a long tube in the center. Short peduncle It has a sweet, slightly bitter taste. Neem plants bloom in early winter. Native to India, this tropical plant It has been cultivated in many countries in general. Many parts are used for their useful and medicinal properties. Used to treat many diseases. It has a bitter taste and many people like to use the leaves, young shoots, and flowers to eat.

  • USES

    It has a bitter and oily taste and is eaten as food. It contains nutrients that help the body's immune system. Resist pathogens that exist around the body, especially the flu. In addition to the benefits of food. Almost every part of the neem is still popularly used as medicine. The bark, leaves, branches, stems, flowers, fruits, seeds, and even the roots of neem are harvested.


    Neem plant (Dok sa-dao) is available between Jan and Mar each year.

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