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Phak Wan

Phak Wan



    Phak wan are vegetables that can be used to cook many types of food. and also a medicinal plant with high nutritional value. It is a source of protein, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which aids in vision, nourishes the eyes, and has antioxidant properties with high calcium and phosphorus. It helps maintain strong bones and teeth. It contains dietary fiber that helps in excretion. It is also both food and medicine for the summer. According to Thai traditional medicine, to cure the symptoms of the fire element. The most popular part is used for cooking. It has a sweet, crispy flavor that helps to cure the heat in thirsty people. as well as cooling or cooking green medicine to reduce fever and heat.

  • USES

    When used in cooking, the shoots, young leaves, and young fruit bunches of both types of Phak Wan are sweet, crispy, and delicious and can be used in many types of cooking, whether it's boiled with chili paste or jaw, stir-fried, soft, curry with bamboo shoots, or curry, mushroom curry, or curry. Liang, clear soup, stir-fried vegetables, salad.


    Phak Wan is available year-round.

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