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Small Purple Eggplant

Small Purple Eggplant



    Small purple eggplant have both spherical and oval shapes. Properties of small purple eggplant, no matter what color it is useful in many ways; for example, it is beneficial for diabetics because small purple eggplant contains substances that help strengthen the function of glucose, help drive parasites, help digestion, which helps the system. Excreted as well, Small purple eggplant contains substances that are active against the growth of colon and liver cancer, help treat asthma, relieve bronchitis, lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood lipids. If anyone wants to lose weight, you can choose to eat eggplant cooked or eat fresh.

  • USES

    Small purple eggplant Ingredients In addition to providing beautiful and appetizing colors It is also beneficial to the body as well.


    Small purple eggplant are available year-round.


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