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Snake Luffa

Snake Luffa



    The market demands a large number of snake luffa because snake luffa are characterized by straight, long, slender, beautiful, and soft-textured gourds. It has a delicious, sweet taste. It is a plant that is low in calories and fat. high in fiber, making it easy to digest. It is good for the digestive system and suitable for diabetic patients. In addition, snake luffa is a vegetable that has many nutritional values, including calcium, iron, and phosphorus. The soft fruit of snake luffa that is popular to eat has medicinal properties such as water pipes. Good blockage drives parasites away and helps to cool the body. Helps detoxify well, therefore making it suitable for use in detox processes.

  • USES

    Can be cooked as a variety of dishes. Whether it's a stir-fried menu with eggs, pork, or shrimp, boiled with spicy chili paste. Or cook it as a menu of kaeng som and kaeng liang. Every menu is delicious.


    Snake luffa is available year-round.

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