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Sweet Mango

Sweet Mango


    Sweet mango is hands down the most popular fruit in Thailand. It is grown and eaten everywhere. Thai people will eat sweet green mango on its own, as a snack fruit, although they usually prefer to eat unripe or bitter mango this way. Predominantly green, sweet mango is used as a cooking ingredient. Sweet mangoes are extremely healthy to eat. They contain far less sugar content than ripe mangoes do, and they are also high in fibre.

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    When this type of mango is green, it is popular to eat. The texture is crunchy and a little bit sweet or sour, depending on the species, but the taste will become tasteless when it becomes ripe. Thai people love to dip this kind of mango in spicy sauce for a snack.



    The peak season for this fruit remains Thailand’s "hot season" between March and May. 


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