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Thai Banana (Kluay Nam Wa)

Thai Banana (Kluay Nam Wa)

Namwa Banana: Pisang Awak Banana Scientific name: Musa ABB CV.Kluai "Namwa" In the family: Musaceae. Namwa banana is a traditional Thai banana variety. A herbaceous fruit Is a type of hybrid banana It is a hybrid of wild banana and Tanee banana with a single, upright trunk. The trunk is round. Brown and green The leaves are monocots. The leaves are parallel They are flat, long, large, with green flowers, leaving a bouquet. There will be cabbage out at the top. With a long chain with a comb Will have results in a comb like a fan The skin is light green. Ripe fruit, the skin is yellow. Sweet and fragrant


    Eaten daily, according to many of my Thai women friends, gluay nam wah bananascan actually get rid of acne and tone your skin as well as prevent your skin from aging, giving you the beautiful skin so many Thai women enjoy. Bananas are good for your skin as they are loaded with potassium, vitamin C and Vitamin B6

  • USES

    Peel , eat whole banana. There's no seed.


    Thai Banana (Kluay Nam Wa) is availble year round.

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