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Yellow Mango

Yellow Mango

SKU: SFM-F-Yellow-Mango

Yellow Mango, most popular variety for export is "Nam Dok Mai". When you see one popular desert from Thai menu "Mango sticky rice", that is "Nam Dok Mai". The fruit smells intense and delicious even before you cut into it; the skin exudes a little moisture and the dark-orange, fibre-free flesh of the fruit is so soft and tastes so sweet and delicate.  


    Yellow Mango (Nam Dok Mai) will be wrapped up by foam net, we use shreded paper to prevent the physical damage during transportation. Standard packing is between 3kg - 5kg per carton depending on destination market. Size A / 2-3pieces per kg, Size B 3-4 pieces per kg and so on.

  • USES

    Yellow Mango (Nam Dok Mai) can be consumed cooked or raw. The famous menu is Mango sticky rice and many more


    Yellow Mango (Nam Dok Mai) can be produced nearly all year round.

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