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Young Tamarind

Young Tamarind



    The young tamarind is a local tree. The pods are spherical, straight, and curved, and the bark is thin green with a brownish tint. Juicy flesh, light green juice. Adjacent to the rind, there are young seeds inside the flesh. Sour taste.

  • USES

    Young tamarind pods have a thin, brown rind. The flesh is attached to the rind. Firm flesh, chewy texture, slightly acidic and astringent flavor. be eaten fresh by dipping with chili paste, salt chili, or shrimp paste.

    The menu item that cannot be lacking in young tamarind is Tamarind and Tom Klong. The young tamarind must be scraped off the brown husks completely. But the trick is much simpler. Bring the young tamarind to a boil for about 5 minutes before it can easily scrape off the skin.


    Young tamarind is available between Feb. and Apr.

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